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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit: How to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Child

Updated: May 9

We know shopping for school shoes can be stressful because you need the trifecta - a shoe your child likes, something that fits and shoes that last!

When you’re shopping for your child’s school shoes, remember these 5 simple tips to ensure the best fit:

  1. Get your child’s foot measured regularly.

  2. Ensure toes can wiggle freely in the shoes.

  3. Allow 1cm between big toe and the tip of the shoe.

  4. Avoid shoes made from synthetic materials.

  5. Get fitted by a trained sales assistant and/or get the shoes checked by our Podiatrists.

Did you know Podiatrists can help make this process easier? We can measure your child’s foot to get the right size and we can recommend brands to buy, especially if your child has an extra wide or narrow foot. Do you also have any concerns about your child’s foot health or development? Is your child experiencing rashes, pain or frequent falls? Our Podiatrists can help you understand your child’s feet better and provide you with advice on how to ensure their long-term foot health. Book an appointment with us and bring their school shoes in so we can check the fit and uncover any foot development issues your child might be experiencing. Don’t forget to bring sports shoes as well – they are just as important as formal school shoes for growing feet.

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