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Laser Treatment

Foot Care Treatments

We provide a wide range of treatments and therapies for all your foot problems in our Darwin and Palmerston clinics

foot care

Comprehensive Podiatry Treatments

We offer a full range of treatments that are suitable for any client, no matter your age. Our podiatrists can conduct paediatric assessments to ensure that your child’s growing feet are not experiencing any hidden issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.


We can perform full podiatric diabetes assessment to examine associated vascular, neurological and dermatological problems and provide footwear advice.


Knee and back pain are often assumed to be unavoidable symptoms as we grow older, but most are in fact linked to underlying foot problems. By conducting gait analysis, lower limb examinations, or directly referring for imaging such as x-rays and ultrasound, we can diagnose and administer effective podiatric care.

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