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Designed for surgical and non-surgical treatment of hallux valgus (bunions) the OrthoHallux is a high quality, dynamic orthosis constructed with a silicone inner padding, housed within a specially designed polymer plastic. Using the 3-points of pressure principle, the OrthoHallux can be used prophylactically for mild to moderate hallux valgus to straighten the big toe when wearing the device, or to protect internal surgical fixation during the healing phase following hallux valgus correction surgery. One size fits left and right feet and most toe sizes.



·       Post-operative care of bunionectomy

·       Pre-operative bunion support

·       Big toe sprains and strains



·       Soft silicone inner lining

·       Universal sizing

·       Low profile. Can be worn in shoes

·       Anatomically shaped

Hallux Valgus Splint


One size.

Adjust velcro straps to desired level of toe correction and comfort.

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