Podiatrist in Darwin

At Northern Podiatrist Clinics in Darwin, we are committed to delivering high standards of care covering all aspects of podiatry including general foot treatments and musculoskeletal conditions.

Our podiatry clinics in Darwin and Palmerston accept private patients, DVA card holders, Medicare referrals and we are also an NDIS provider. No referral is required.

Podiatry Laser Treatment for soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal conditions in Darwin & Palmerstion NT

Plantar fasciitis
Heel spur
Achilles tendinitis
Morton's neuroma
Wounds management
Diabetic neuropathy
Post injury swelling

Shockwave Therapy For Heel Pain in Darwin & Palmerstion NT

Plantar fasciitis
Heel pain
Heel spur
Achilles tendinopathies
Patella tendinopathy
Shin splints
ITB syndrome
Soft tissue injuries
Chronic pain

Orthotic Insole Arch Support

Flat feet
High arches
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendinitis
Ankle instability
Diabetic foot
Lower back pain
Hip pain

Fungal nail laser podiatry treatment in Darwin & Palmerstion NT

Fungal nail infection
Nail deformities
Wounds management


Ingrown toenail treatment in Darwin and Palmerston

Ingrown toenails
Fungal nails
Nail infections
Nail deformities

Children's Podiatry in Darwin & Palmerstion NT

Lower limb assessment
Flat feet
Heel pain
Ankle pain
Knocked knees
Sports injuries

Paraffin wax therapy in Darwin & Palmerstion NT

Rheumatoid arthritis
Cracked heels
Blood circulation
Joint stiffness

A highly effective, safe and non-invasive treatment to induce cellular metabolism for healing.

Initiates response within the body to reduce pain and repair tissue. Frequently used with therapeutic laser therapy for plantar fasciitis.

Individually prescribed and customised for your feet to improve mechanical function and pain relief.

Photothermal and Photomechanical damage to fungal tissue.

Effective with no side effects.

Conservative treatments and permanent resolution available for all ingrown toenails.

Comprehensive paediatric assessments and mangement for the active growing feet.

Medical grade paraffin for a variety of foot conditions including osteoarthritis and cracked heels.

plantar fasciitis

Our Podiatry clinics specialise 

in treating plantar heel pain