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Do I Need Orthotics? The Common Signs

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Orthotics offer a range of benefits to wearers, enabling them to walk more comfortably and ease any disabling pain they might be experiencing. But how do you know if you need them? There are three common signs which suggest you might need orthotics, so we're going to explore these in this article.

You Are On Your Feet A Lot

If you work in a job that requires you to stand on your feet for the majority of the day, you will likely need orthotics, even if you aren't experiencing any pain. You could have the healthiest feet in the world, but standing on them for hours at a time will place a significant amount of stress on your feet, which could eventually turn into ankle or leg pain, lower back pain, bunions, calluses and corns. By cushioning your feet with orthotics now, you're preventing issues like this from arising in the future.

Your Shoes Are Worn Down Irregularly

Have you ever looked at your shoes and wondered why there is a worn patch on one part of the sole? This is caused by you rolling your feet whilst you walk or placing concentrated stress on one area of your foot. Custom-made products that fit your exact feet will improve your foot posture and even prevent your soles from wearing out, meaning they will last longer. Saving money on new pairs of shoes is always a bonus, and you can ensure that your favourite ones last longer too.

You Are Experiencing Foot Pain

This is probably the most obvious reason to get orthotics, but it often goes ignored by sufferers. Pain in your feet very infrequently goes away by itself and is an indicator of a more severe problem affecting your muscles, nerves and even the bone structure in your soles. If you have any of these symptoms, you should consult a specialised podiatrist to determine the source of the discomfort. This will prevent the problem from getting worse and will enable them to advise on the best treatment option for you.

You Have A Problem With Balance

The development of flat feet tends to get worse as you age, with the natural arches in your feet becoming flatter over time. But the arches in your feet are needed for balance as they support the full weight of your body. Without this, your balance will be off, making it more likely for you to fall and hurt yourself. If you’re having issues with balance, make sure to speak to a doctor first to rule out anything more sinister, but the most likely cause is the flatness of your feet.

You Have Diabetes Complications

If you suffer from diabetes, you will know the effects that this can have on your feet. High blood glucose levels can impact the sensations in your feet, making you susceptible to blisters, calluses and corns. But it can also affect your circulation, which can lead to less blood supply in your feet and create problems with cuts and healing. If you’re experiencing any of these complications with your diabetes, you may benefit from orthotics, which will help to evenly distribute pressure in your feet and prevent the above issues from occurring.

You’ve Recently Had A Lower Limb Injury

If you've recently suffered an injury to one of your lower limbs – such as the hip, knee, leg or ankle – this can affect the pressure you put on your feet, which, in turn, affects the way you walk. It’s important to make sure that your feet are properly supported and that your body is aligned so that you are moving efficiently, which will reduce the likelihood of further pain or injury. This is why orthotics are often recommended to those who have recently suffered from a lower limb injury to help reduce pressure and avoid straining when you walk.

You Have A High Arch Or No Arch In Your Foot

Having a high arch in your foot can be dangerous for your ankle as it creates instability. This instability increases the risk of ankle sprains and other injuries, which is why many people with high arches choose to wear orthotics as it provides them with the support regular shoes can’t. Likewise, having no arch can affect your balance and cause a lot of pain, especially when walking. Those who are flat-footed can also experience complications due to poor weight distribution, which orthotics can also help with.

If any of these signs have resonated with you, visit us at Northern Podiatrist Clinic today and learn more about our custom orthotics.

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